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Artist: Jennifer Steinkamp
Ronald Reagan
15  feet high.
Photo Credit:
  Jennifer Steinkamp

Exhibition History: Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan Hospital, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, curated by Jody Rassell, October 9, 2012 - permanent.
This piece is an installation at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital. I  was researching Ronald Reagan's medical history and came across this information about his eyesight: As a child, Reagan would have to sit in the front row in class to see, which embarrassed him. In sports, Reagan sometimes got hit in the head with the ball he could not see. It was only at age 9 or 10 that a visiting nurse made a diagnosis of nearsightedness. Reagan later said that when he got glasses, he was surprised to discover that trees had leaves and that butterflies existed -- neither of which he had ever been able to see.
Part of the collection:
Ronald Reagan Hospital, UCLA, Los Angeles, California