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Artist: Jennifer Steinkamp
  Blue Blow
Jimmy Johnson of Grain
12 x 6 feet
Original Equipment:
2 Philips 2700 400? lumen projectors, 2 laserdisc players, stereo sound
Photo credit:
Jennifer Steinkamp, courtesy ACME, Los Angeles.
Exhibition History:
Ten in One Gallery, Chicago, Illinois,curated by Joel Lieb,  February 21 - March 29, 1997.
  Animation layers were projected into the large street facing window of the gallery.  This was visible from inside the gallery during the day and from the street each evening.  One layer consisted of colorful smoke trails, fading to blue as they grew older. The soundtrack gave each trail an apparent personality or voice. The second layer resembled bits of snow swirling upward. The multiple projections complicated the viewer's relationship to their own shadows and to the architecture. Their shadows would change depending on where they were standing.